MAT improves an individual’s muscular system contractile capabilities, and measures the tolerance to the demand of various forms of physical activity and movement. MAT is the foundation of our biomechanical approach to identifying and treating neuromuscular dysfunction. This system of checks and balances utilizes a variety of diagnostic and treatment tools which include: Comparative Mobility Assessments to identify an area of weakness, Active Muscle Contract-and-Sustain tests to test neurological integrity, and Positional Isometric Contractions and/or digital palpation of tissues to correct.


The Move Project’s personal trainers utilize resistance-training methods that are supported by science, based on proper movement mechanics. Every exercise in your program will provide a specific challenge and benefit, that will be critical to get you moving, feeling, and performing better.


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The Move Project is the leading provider of science-based fitness & wellness programming in the Dallas area. We believe that the use of Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT) along with resistance-training methods that are supported by science and based on proper movement mechanics will maximize our client’s fitness goals. We work with clients ranging from Amateur and Professional Athletes, to those with Post-Rehabilitation and General Fitness goals, helping them to Move, Feel, and Perform better.

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“The Move Project has been a vital part of my progression in golf!” – Harry Higgs, PGA Tour

“The Move Project and MAT have helped my body move and perform at a much higher level!”   – Ian Kinsler, San Diego Padres