We believe that the use of Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT) along with resistance-training methods that are supported by science and based on proper movement mechanics will maximize our client’s fitness goals. 

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We are the leading provider of science-backed fitness and wellness programming in the Dallas area

Whether you’re an amateur or professional athlete, seeking post-rehabilitation support, or pursuing general fitness goals, we’re here to help you move, feel, and perform better.

“The Move Project has been a vital part of my progression in golf!”

Harry Higgs

"The Move Project and MAT have helped my body move and perform at a much higher level! "

Ian Kinsler

"The Move Project has returned my range of motion and functional strength to a level I had 15 years ago. They are as good at what they do as anyone I’ve ever been involved with!"

Cameron Doan

"The Move Project and MAT have been a vital piece to my training and performance in golf!"

Martin Flores

"With the treatment and workouts provided by The Move Project team, I know my body is more than ready to perform on the course and in the gym!"

Austin Smotherman

"The Move Project and MAT have helped me feel my best while traveling and competing all across the world!"

Taylor Moore

"The Move Project's training process and utilization of MAT is a great combination for any golfer!"

Chris Como

"The Move Project and MAT are a great combination to keeping your body moving and performing well on the court!"

John Isner 

Experience the power of The Move Project’s sustainable and effective exercise programs for lasting results. Our personal trainers use science-backed resistance training and integrate Muscle Activation Techniques for tailored assessments and prescriptions. Each exercise in your program targets specific benefits, promoting improved mobility, well-being, and performance.

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